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Myofascial therapy - a form of massage focused on improving structural alignment, balance, flexibility and movement patterns.

Repetitive movements, overuse, or injury may create adhesions and inflammation in the fascia (connective tissue).

  • Feel lighter, freer, in movement

  • Reduce recovery time from injury or athletic event

  • Reduce pain & inflammation

  • Reduce soft-tissue restrictions which limit your body's movement. 

Structural Integration(SI) is a systematic bodywork approach provided in a 3 or 10 session series.

  • Encourage better alignment of joints

  • Improve all levels of physical movement

  • Move with more ease and less effort

  • Break old movement patterns and create new freedoms

  • Gain a greater sense of self

I provide a free 20 minute consultation for those interested in SI.

"She engaged in deep intramuscular massage but also gave great feedback and recommendations about posture and alignment, demonstrating  how dedicated she was to helping me resolve my problems, not just provide temporary relief."

Allow more freedom in movement

Feel Lighter, Looser, Longer, Livelier

Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Improve Flexibility

Create Lasting Change

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