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Robin F. Sharpe,

Licensed Massage Therapist

FL #84152  NC #14427


I have been practicing massage & bodywork since 2014 and am professionally licensed in Florida and North Carolina. In 2017, I opened my private practice in Key West.  


I've had the opportunity to work with collegiate and pro level athletes while completing advanced training in sports & performance bodywork. I hold a specialization in CORE Structural Integration, a unique approach to creating lasting change in the body. 

I am committed to learning the latest research in movement science and bringing effective bodywork strategies to my clients. My bodywork approach is always evolving, and I am engaged in my clients’ progress. I enjoy working alongside clients of all fitness levels, bearing witness to the structural and strength changes occurring and the impact of those changes on overall wellness. 

I am a calm presence, creating a safe space for you to be however you need to be during treatment. I have slow, firm hands that invite tissues to soften instead of forcing them. My intention is to encourage the body to operate as one integrated unit.


Whether you are recovering from injury, training for an athletic or performance event, wanting to strengthen body-mind connection, or curious about improving your mobility, my work is for you.

Thank you for visiting my site.

In Peace,





"Robin's technique is the most effective chronic pain relief I have had in the 30 years of receiving massage."

"Robin was the best massage therapist I’ve ever had and I’ve utilized quite a few. I was her client for about a year. She has a terrific touch. She is plenty strong. She takes great pride in her work."

 -James Covington

Blowing Rock, NC

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