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Who receives the 10 Series?

Some people receive SI to reduce chronic pain and improve posture and movement. Others use SI as a way to expand their skill in a personal or professional role- athletes, dancers, musicians, yoga or Pilates practitioners, etc. Still some come to SI to help strengthen their body awareness or deal with stressful life events. 

Can I receive other forms of care while receiving the 10 Series?

Yes, chiropractic care, acupuncture, exercise, relaxation massage are all safe to continue during the 10 series.

What do I wear?

My SI sessions do not use draping. I have you stand at the half-way point of the session to check in with your body. Exercise shorts, sports bra, swimwear, or regular underwear are all ok to wear during an SI session.

What if I’m not sure I want to commit to the full 10 series?

I offer a 3 Session Package. If you aren’t sure you want to do all 10, completing the first 3 sessions gives you an idea if the 10 Series is right for you. Or you can receive Session 1 to experience the work. 

How often should I receive sessions?

Each session in the 10 Series is best done one week a part. If longer breaks can’t be avoided, they are best done after Sessions 3 and 7. Completing the 10 Series is a 10-12 week commitment to yourself and your practitioner.

What happens once I complete the 10 Series?

We will discuss what your specific needs might be. Some people receive “maintenance” sessions once a month. Others receive a session when they feel an old movement habit slipping back to their body.  

"My entire outlook on myself has changed, from my physical appearance, self-esteem, mental outlook, and posture, especially posture. I have looked for something like the 10 Series all my life. Not only do I feel great, I now have the ability and knowledge on how to keep my body and mind aligned. I'm not looking down anymore, I'm looking forward."

-R.O. Jr.

Key West, FL

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