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Looking forward: A Client's Experience with the 10 Series

The following is a testimony from a client recently completing the Structural Integration 10 Series. I so appreciate his willingness to be vulnerable in sharing his personal experience. A first step in allowing change to enter our lives is to recognize what's not working well, or what could be working much better given more attention. Then we step into vulnerability, not knowing what will happen, but being open to change, open to new possibilities.

"The 10 SERIES IS THE SOLUTION!! After years of trying other methods of massage, diet, yoga, and physical training to put my body into alignment it is the only program that helped not just my body, but also my mind.

I spent 20 years in sales, on the road, always on the phone, working on the computer and STRESSED out of my mind. My wife and I sold everything and moved to Key West to change our lifestyle and improve our quality of life. Part of my move and settling in was to de-stress and revive my body, so I made a few massage appointments with Robin. I was more relaxed after a few sessions, but still not feeling 100%, the same old weight on my shoulders returning not long afterwards. Robin explained to me the 10 Series Program and suggested I try it. I did some research and discussed it with my wife. I decided it was something I needed and wanted. The want was the important part, because I wanted the change, so I was willing to commit to the Series and do the work. The need I finally understood after session 4 and 5. I began to notice the lasting changes to my physical and mental wellbeing.

Since starting the 10 Series, I have never felt better in my life! I have witnessed a transformation in my body, in its shape and alignment, and in my mind, in my mental focus and improved attitude and outlook. I learned that the neck, back and shoulder issues I had (slipped disks, pinched nerves, limited range of motion) were a result of a lifetime of improper alignment, that the physical structure of my body was stuck in perpetual discomfort. This led to my physical pain and also the habit of looking down, not forward. A great quote from the book that Robin gave me says "Always look forward on how you want people to look and perceive you." To me that is a huge part of the sessions; it not only opens your body, it opens your mind on how you perceive yourself and how other people look at you.

I also didn't realize that my hips and shoulders were always out of alignment I would have a tendency to lean to one side when I was standing or just casually talking to friends. So it would make my spine and shoulders tilted to one side, pulling my shoulders forward, which in return didn't help my posture.

On top of those issues I have always had problems with my feet. As a young child I had arches to help with my flat footedness, which meant I couldn't properly plant my foot and extend my legs to help with the motion of my lower body. This would create stress on my legs, knees, joints, and hips, which are all related to keeping your body- such as your spine, neck, shoulders- in alignment to keep your posture correct. Now after the 10 Series I have learned to keep my feet, legs and hips in motion properly to help with the alignment of my spine and neck, which comes back to the main reason why I started this program, MY POSTURE!!!

This series has made the difference I was looking for in my life. I cannot emphasize how much my body has changed, and how it changed me- I actually cannot wait to do it again!

Robin, Thank You for making my life better, not only physically, but mentally!!!"

-R.O. Jr., Key West, FL

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